OA Dr. Peter Révész

 The well-being of the obstetric pregnant woman is the sole standard for my medical treatment.











Before the Birth

Antenatal Class:

Our free of charge antenatal class (no registration required) takes place every Monday from 4pm to 5.30pm in the physiotherapy gym at the Klinik Diakonissen Schladming. After a short workout session with strengthening gymnastic exercises, there will then be a talk about various topics to do with giving birth and then there is still time for a question and answer session. Mothers-to-be can attend the antenatal class when their maternity leave starts. The course is run by a midwife.

Labour Ward Visit:

It is important to familiarize yourself, early on enough, with where you will be giving birth. We therefore happily invite parents-to-be to Ward B and our obstetrics unit, so that we can meet one another prior to the birth. The labour ward visit takes places on the 2nd Monday in the month from 4pm – 5.30pm. The meeting point for this is also in the physiotherapy gym. The labour ward visit is also open to fathers and other accompanying persons.

Pregnancy Check-ups

After the last gynecological check-up at your registered specialist – approx. up to the 36th week of pregnancy – you will be issued with a referral from your specialist and an appointment will be made over the telephone (DW 6623) for you at the final stage pregnancy outpatient clinic. There, a first screening will be undertaken by a specialist, in order to exclude any possible risk births. Up until the birth CTG checks can be carried out here. This also means that you have the chance to get to know the midwives beforehand.

Important Things to know About the birth

At the Klinik Diakonissen Schladming you experience the intimate atmosphere of a home birth with the safety of a clinic.

  • Individual supervision in accordance with the wishes of the parents-to-be
  • Partner or accompanying person wanted at the birth
  • Enough time for the new family to get to know each other
  • Supportive assistance for looking after a newborn and during the early puerperal period 


The Birth


The midwifery team of the Klinik Diakonissen Schladming offers you, under the leadership of midwife Anica Scheiber, BSc and DGKP Sigrid Dier, the following during the birth of your child:

Various birthing options:

  • Kneeing birth
  • Standing birth
  • Water birth
  • Squatting birth
  • Side Position, back position

Alternative treatments during the birth upon request:

  • Homoeopathy
  • Bach flowers and aromatherapy
  • Relaxation bath to help with relief from the contractions
  • Outpatient birth
    • Here, the mother and baby are released from the hospital after about six to eight hours after giving birth if all is well (follow-up midwife recommended!)
  • anonymous birth
  • Uninterrupted bonding (skin on skin contact between the mother and child to establish a bond), directly after the birth
  • If breastfeeding, then the first feed can be done in the labour ward
  • Fathers can park for free in our car park on the day of the birth of their child

What do I need when staying on the ward?

  • Mother-child booklet
  • E-card
  • Any pregnancy related medical results

Basically, all necessary things which you will require are ready on hand for you on the ward (nappies, clothes for mothers and babies, hygiene products, breast feeding aids etc.). Other necessary or requested things can be supplemented as needed.

  • Toiletries
  • Slippers and warm socks
  • Nursing bra
  • Optional: comfortable clothing
  • Take home outfit, suitable for the time of year
  • Optional: some clothes


After the Birth

Every newborn has their own personality. In the days after the birth, we will offer any assistance needed and will show you many holds and how to take care of him/her, so that you get off to the best start at home. We encourage that you both get to know one another via the 24 rooming-in, which means that you have your baby with you around the clock.

The first check-ups for you and your baby will take place during your stay on the ward in the days after you have given birth. During the admission and discharge interview, there is plenty of time for us to answer any questions which you may have about your new life with your baby.

Carrying on after you have been discharged, you are more than welcome to visit our breastfeeding group under the guidance of DGKP and breastfeeding advisor (IBCLC) Sigrid Dier. There you can get your questions answered and swap experiences with other mothers. The breastfeeding group takes place once a month and covers various topics. More information can be found here: Dates for the breastfeeding group

Midwife support at home after the birth

In Austria, every mother is entitled to the support of a midwife during puerperium (up to eight weeks after giving birth). The costs are paid for by your health insurance or if you choose a private midwife then they will reimburse up to 80% of the insurance rate. It is worthwhile, if you wish to make use of this support, to contact a post-birth midwife already during the pregnancy. Information or contact details can be found in the midwife brochure of the Austrian midwife body or under

Documents for the birth certificate

The documents, which you require to apply for a birth certificate for your child, will be given to you after the birth, during your stay at the clinic.