Heal me Lord, and I will be whole, help me, and I will be helped.

Jeremia 17,14

At the ophthalmologist: „I need glasses, doctor.“ „Near-sighted or far-sighted?“ – „Transparent will do!“

Medicine has become incredibly far-sighted. With modern diagnostic methods, it looks deep into the human body and locates even the tiniest origin of a disease. Pro-active consultation and preventive examinations help not only to recognise diseases in time, but also to avoid them altogether. But somehow medicine has also become short-sighted, especially when high-tech medicine focuses only on the medical treatment of patients and no longer on their well-being.

It should be different at the Klinik Diakonissen Schladming. The Pastoral care, which is provided in ecumenical harmony in our hospital, ministers to patients at a human level that goes beyond the symptoms diagnosed in this facility. And this does not end with the well-being of humankind and the healing of illness, but in a far more comprehensive wholeness that can come only from the hand of God.